Cell Phones Damage DNA, Brain & Sperm

New independent studies confirm earlier findings that cell phones can disrupt DNA, impair brain function and lower sperm count.

What's the Latest Development?

New, independent studies appear to confirm earlier Council of Europe findings that the pulsed digital signals of cell phones disrupt DNA, impair brain function and lower sperm count. The new proof was revealed at a meeting convened by the Environmental Health Trust, with the Turkish Cancer Sciety, and Gazi University. Among it were studies by scientists in Turkey, Russia and Israel, who have investigated a variety of biological effects triggered by cell phones.

What's the Big Idea?

Two years after false accusations against scientists who described exposure-induced DNA breaks, the new results show that these breaks are indeed real. Just four hours of exposure to RF-EMF disrupts the ability of human brain cells to repair damaged genes, according to research by Prof. Nesrin Seyhan, a WHO and NATO advisor. Other new results from Australia show damage to human sperm. The evidence justifies precautionary measures to reduce the risks," says Prof. Wilhelm Mosgoeller from the Medical University of Vienna.

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