“New Year's Eve this year coincides with the second full moon of December--otherwise known as a "Blue Moon"--and the Internet's a-flutter with odd trivia and tidbits. From folklore and calculations to feng shui advice, this event has inspired equal parts scientific and astrological reflections. (Adding to the fun is a partial lunar eclipse that will be visible in some areas of the globe.) Grab an early glass of champagne--here's what you need to know practically, academically, and spiritually for the event that will help you ring in the New Year. Teddy Patridge at Firedoglake explains that a Blue Moon is ‘the second full moon in a calendar month,’ although it used to refer to ‘when a fourth full moon appeared in any season.’ This next one will be ‘the first time in 19 years [that] the Blue Moon will appear on December 31st, New Year's Eve.’"