The last surviving member of the group who helped shelter Anne Frank’s family from the Nazis, Miep Gies, has died in a Dutch nursing home aged 100. “Mrs Gies, who was an office assistant, and other employees of Anne Frank's father Otto supplied food, books and news to the family as they hid in a secret annex above his office. During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Anne spent 25 months in hiding with her sister, parents, and four other Jewish people. Her diary of their ordeal is one of the most famous and enduring accounts of the Holocaust. After the apartment was raided by German police on August 4, 1944, it was Mrs Gies who gathered up Anne's notebooks and papers and locked them in a drawer for her return after the war. The family were betrayed, although it is still not known who told the Nazis, and the Frank's were sent to concentration camps.”