What's the Latest Development?

2012 will likely be the year that a machine passes the Turing Test, meaning that you will be able to talk to a computer just as you would another person and that the computer's responses will be indistinguishable from what a real person would say. Passing that significant milestone would mean achieving true artificial intelligence. The irony, says Genevieve Bell, a director at Intel Labs, is that nobody will care because we already expect more from our AI.

What's the Big Idea?

We expect to have a real relationship with technology, not just interact with it. Currently, if our digital devices were people, we would probably describe them as high maintenance and wonder to ourselves if it was time to break up, says Bell. Today's devices, which require constant attention (yes, please connect to that wi-fi hotspot), will evolve to become collaborative partners in a future where creation will replace consumption as the primary way we interact with technology.