Air travel is not dangerous. The fear of air travel can be, particularly when it comes to compromising your personal and professional aspirations. Take Royce White, for example. White was the 16th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft whose debilitating anxiety disorder and fear of flying scuttled any hope of him putting together a successful career. White is merely one of an estimated 18 million Americans who find their career prospects hampered by aviophobia. Luckily, Donna Rosato over at Time has authored a piece profiling services at their disposal to help overcome the fear. They include:

-Airport programs: Many major airports (as well as some smaller ones) provide courses and workshops to help fearful flyers.

-The Freedom to Fly Program:  Another airport-based program that offers simulated boarding, interpersonal counseling, and even short test flights.

-The Anxiety and Depression Association of America: The advocacy organization has an entire section on its website dedicated to overcoming fear of flying.

Rosato's article includes additional resources as well as the consensus opinion about the best way to overcome the fear:

“The active ingredient in overcoming any fear is exposure,” says [psychologist Dr. Martin] Seif. “The more you fly, the easier it is.”

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