A Professional Actress' Guide to Eating For Cheap On the Road

The best advisors for surviving the road are those who make their living on it. Actress Stefanie O'Connell advocates for her system of frugal/healthy eating while on tour.

Those who travel for work know what a drain it can be. Sleeping in foreign beds all the time isn't easy. Traversing airports and train stations is almost always frustrating. Constantly eating on the go can be both expensive and unhealthy.

The best advisors for surviving the road are those who make their living on it. For example, actress Stefanie O'Connell recently penned an article for US News and World Report with advice on how to save money eating on the go:

"To keep myself healthy enough to fit into my costumes each night without blowing through my entire per diem on dining each day, I had to get creative. Through trial and error I developed a system that allowed me to eat on the go while staying healthy, physically and fiscally."

First, O'Connell recommends packing essential non-perishables. If you're not flying, a jar of peanut butter will go a long way in assuaging hunger on the road. Having a few granola bars on hand will prevent you from having to shell out for an expensive snack later.

O'Connell also advocates for portion control. Save half of that Chipotle burrito bowl for later instead of scarfing it down all at once. When eating out, you can ask the server to put half your meal on the plate and pre-emptively box the rest. Train yourself to exercise discretion. Your wallet will thank you. 

Rounding out her advice, O'Connell places an emphasis on smart resource allocation. If you've got access to a fridge or microwave, dash any plans for eating out and instead hit up a local grocery store. Shop around when hungry and have enough foresight to avoid being stuck with only expensive airport kiosks. Look into coupon services like Groupon or Amazon Local for discounted meals. Finally, stick to water when ordering out. The costs of soda and booze addup, both with your savings account and your waistline. 

Read O'Connell's entire article at US News & World Report. And be sure to let us know if you have any other tips for eating cheap/healthy on the road.

Also, here's O'Connell's blog all about living on the cheap while following her dreams.

Photo credit: Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock

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