What's the Latest Development?

A British electronics company has begun manufacturing a fully functional computer expected to retail for $35. Called Raspberry Pi, the computer will come with an easily-hacked operating system meant to encourage programming experimentation. Ironically, all the buzz created by the computer has started a bidding war on eBay, where offers have reached as high as $3,000. Cost has been a concern for the company, too, which wanted to make the computers entirely in Britain. But due to manufacturing costs, they have opted for locations in East Asia.

What's the Big Idea?

According to the developers' goals—an all British product designed to create a new generation of British programmersthe ideal market for the Raspberry Pi may be schools. The influence of inexpensive learning technology is growing, as evidenced by the introduction of a hand-cranked tablet computer, created by the One Laptop Per Child project, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. As cheap technology progresses in the developed world, it must also progress in poorer nations to ensure the digital divide does not widen. 

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons