I love you so much.

Since you left me without any words, I still think about why you choose to leave me alone and do not keep in touch with me. Do you know that I love you so deep that I often feel sad when I recall the experience that happened in the past between us?Perhaps, you could see what I write on the screen of the computer but you could not see the tears are dropping on the keyboard all the time. I will remember you in my life and think that it is my last tear that I cry for you because I want to begin my new life in the rest time. Maybe, one sudden day I will recall you with a warm smile to express my happiness at that time. Of course, I still remember that days when we earn a lot of runescape gold in the game and that was so happy that you gave me all life of the promise. On listening to your words, I believed in you and thought that you would give me the sweet life by the runescape money. However, after three months, it seemed that everything was changed that you did not loved me like before. At that time, I had thought that we would not finished our love liked the other online net lovers because I started to doubt if our love was really and can be accepted by our parents.Do you remember when we meet for the first time, you told me that I was a quietly girl and you loved this kind of girl like me. Besides, you wished that I would become your wife in the future and agreed that you would bring me to play this game to earn a lot of cheap rs gold for me because you hoped that I was the happiest one at that time. At the same time, you knew that I loved the rs gold and you wanted to make me happy to buy runescape for me. After getting your promise, I had a thought that I must be married with a man like you.It did not take much time that we had been married in the game and became a happy couple in the views of other players. However, the reality is too cruel that we have to say goodbye to each other because your parents do not agree with us. When I know that news, I consider giving up the relationship between us because I love you so much and do not like you to hurt your parents.  

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