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I Have Reason to be Pessimistic about Preacher Obama

       I have reason to be pessimistic about Preacher Obama   First let me quote the   final farewell speech at British Parliament by Prime minister, Tony Blair, he said " Some may belittle politics but we know who are engaged it that is where people stand tall, and the arena the set the heart beating a little faster. And if it is occasions the place for low skullduggery, it is more often the place for the pursuit of the noble causes. And I wish everyone, friend or foe, well, and that is that. The End".    In the latest stage, finally Sen. Hillary find her noble causes, she unexpectedly became the Goddess of underprivileged American, e.g.: single mother, working class not white only but Black, Asian and Hispanic, foreclosure home owner, people in unemployment, and Ma and children in hunger (Like the recently FOOD RECIPIENT MOTHER IN CRYING AND LITTLE CHILD IN HUNGER IN DOVER TOWN, TENNESSE!). Hillary, the Goddess of becoming- second -largest minority, Hispanics, plus Asian, Jews and the European immigrants.  And finally, she lost, she lost to a junior senator of Illinois, named Barrack Obama! How come?      Yes! How come? Most part of the "Monday quarterback story" of Sen. Hillary in major media and cable news, few are right. e.g.. The deadly and innocent "inevitability" strategy made by Mark Penn. The arrogance and strong Commander chief image of Hillary designed by Penn. The financial mis- management like spending in $100,000 in Bellagio Hotel and Hollywood Plantlet in Las Vegas for her senior staff and minor staff plus pay 10 million to the Chief Strategist who does not know the primary proportional maths and don’t know caucus. Penn’s mistaken of the winners take all in primary election and aiming at winning big state and belittle the caucus compounded the failure of Hillary.    My humble opinion is that all the Hillary camp is not intelligent, scientific and hard enough!   Not intelligent enough: The Commander in Chief, Sen. Hillary is graduate of Wellesley College, a very good liberal arts school and later in Law of Yale.   Those College and law school training are not train enough about maths and statistics with their graduates! The worst show same weakness in their strategists. Only a simple maths and statistics knowledge, if you know the apportioned allotment of delegates in the Democratic Party primary, you need fight hard in caucus and primary both. A life time of joke is that even the Chief strategist, Mark Penn don’t know calculate the proportional delegates but he dominates the camp of Hillary for a devastating long time.   And until now I do not know why Sen. Hillary accept an inevitable and strange and strong image spun and designed by Mark Penn. It hurts a lot and beckons the hatefulness of major media’s no brain or evil brainy, highly viagra-injected opinionnators and most of the black Journalists from NYT and Washington Post. The no precaution to the traps set by GOP in Michigan and Florida, compounded Hillary ‘s loss (see Taichizen’s article in Big Think).   Not scientific enough: you just need a simple computer, you can design and set up a model to predict the win and loss in caucus and primary like CNN John King’s red, blue and purple screen calculation. After the loss of Iowa. Hillary camp still did not process this tool and knowledge. And their most negligence, the Hillary camp belittles the formidable Internet small donations in their early campaign stage that hinders their financial in later.     Not hard enough: For every political competition, you need some character assassinating, story planting, and poll spinning techniques to attack your opponent. The Hillary camp dig not dip hard enough about the "skeleton in closet" of Obama who links with the  Rev Wright, Father Phleger and Bill Ayers.      Preacher  Obama can win is not surprised to me, I  "garantee "in my article publish two months  ago in Big Think.  He can win, not because he is smart, he is intelligent, good in oration or he can transcend race, unite Hispanics, Asian, Jews (NO! he did not!) and unite  African Americans  (only this true in primary!). He won! Because Hillary camp is too weak!   Now Obama’s opponent is John McCain, a seasoned , ruthless politician, who saw so many  "change" and "can not Change" politicians in Washington and  he teams up  with a  very intelligent GOP CAMP. The ball game is totally different.    The GOP under the infamous Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, they marvelously manipulate the major media and Journalist in Iraq war.  And they "swift-boat" John Kerry in 2004 General election. There is strong evidence, in this 2008 election, the GOP set two beautiful, early election traps  in Michigan and Florida to divide the Dem party. How clever they are! The  super foot soldier,  Gov. of Florida is to be considered an award as running mate of McCain! In this Darkest age of Journalism and in the Loss Generation of Journalist ( see Taichizen wrote in Big Think) whom, Scot McClellan mocked  this kind Journalists as the President Bush’s sin enabler. This year, the GOP spin doctors may easily again  manipulate the major media like CNN, MSMBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, NYT, WSJ, Washington Post AND CBS…etc to favor Sen. McCain.   And the recent DNC foolish meeting to split the half delegates of Michigan and Florida and do not solve the  Presidential nomination struggle between Obama and Hillary (See the cry and xxx languages spit or spat by Hillary’s supporter!). All hints the Dem party falls in to the traps of GOP, and also the  Dem Party  politicians are outplayed, out witted, out strategied and out coached   by GOP.    Obama lost a lot of  big states  in primary that in General Election  contribute heavy electoral college votes in states like Texas (34 votes), California (55), Florida (27), Ohio (20), Pennsylvania (21) , NY (31),  NJ (15), Michigan (17), these are fatal if he can not take back in General Election. There is no guarantee after the exposure of Rev  Wright, Father Phleger and Bill Ayers, outrageous incidents, Obama can win again in Wisconsin (10) and ,Iowa (7) in General election!   Again, Mr. Bush his rating stays for a long time under 25%, but do not forget the DEMOCRATIC controlled congress under its leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, its rating all time  worst than Mr. Bush! The voters do not mind give GOP four more years, they believe (Obama believes too) McCain will do better than Mr. Bush!  The lesson is that Obama can take down the once prohibitive Hillary, McCain may also take down the  now prohibitive Obama in General Election. Preacher Obama can nail down  Hillary with his beautiful mantra , Change! However, Obama may not take down twice the 18 million voters who supporters Hillary! In general election, they may change to support McCain. That worries me!    Even the one time neocon Francis Fukuyama gave a   "kama " in Australia media: "THE GOP MADE SO MANY MISTKE, THE BIGGEST IRAQ WAR, THE MINOR, WIRETAP THE AMERICANS. GOP DOES NOT DESERVE 4 MORE YEARS!"  However, the old  warrior, Sen. John McCain in not Hillary, GOP is not camp Hillary! Just ask the Vietcong, how McCain survived the extreme, brutal five years in  "Hilton Hotel" in former North Vietnam. He may snatch the defeat from the jaw of victory of Obama! May!!  I said!

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