I am willing to love you with my full life.

Suddenly, I feel very upset and then my phone is ringing. Without any hesitate, I answered it as quickly as I can. Can you speak slowly because I can not listen to what you said? What? Is she serious hurt? A bad news that my girlfriend fell down when she was at work and has been sent to the hospital for an in-time treat by her partners is coming. On hearing the unlucky news, there is no time for me to consider everything, instead of wanting to know if she is well at that time. When I arrive in the hospital, the doctor tells me that there is not anything serious with her just because she is so tired that her stomach was in agony. Besides, if she is willing to adjust her habits in the following days, she will recover very quickly. After listening to the words of the doctor, I finally release my worry and then walk into the ward where she lives in. Although I do not know why she is ill, I think that she must do something for me and does not tell me. Seeing her pale face, my heart is very hurtful. My dear, I am coming and please do look after yourself well because if you are ill, I will be very sad. I promise that I will never leave you alone and spend my whole life to love you. Maybe, my voice is so loud that she wakes up and gives me a warm smile to persuade me not to be unhappy. I know that she works so hard to earn enough money to buy a set of apartment for our future, not the Scions Of Fate gold. She hopes that she can make her promise come true by owning the SOF gold to exchange them into money in one year. However, she still does not understand that I have decided to say goodbye to her because of my parents. So as to let her recover quickly and realize our future under the help of the Scions Of Fate money, I return home to inform of my parents that I will never give up my girlfriend together with the cheap SOF gold and will walk further with her in the rest time. I do not know whether I am wrong to treat my parents like that, but I should be responsible for my girlfriend because she can assist me to buy a house, not only buy sof gold.

LinkedIn meets Tinder in this mindful networking app

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Swipe right. Match. Meet over coffee or set up a call.

No, we aren't talking about Tinder. Introducing Shapr, a free app that helps people with synergistic professional goals and skill sets easily meet and collaborate.

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Should you invest in China's stock market? Know this one thing first.

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People who constantly complain are harmful to your health

Moans, groans, and gripes release stress hormones in the brain.

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Could you give up complaining for a whole month? That's the crux of this interesting piece by Jessica Hullinger over at Fast Company. Hullinger explores the reasons why humans are so predisposed to griping and why, despite these predispositions, we should all try to complain less. As for no complaining for a month, that was the goal for people enrolled in the Complaint Restraint project.

Participants sought to go the entirety of February without so much as a moan, groan, or bellyache.

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  • Facebook and Google began as companies with supposedly noble purposes.
  • Creating a more connected world and indexing the world's information: what could be better than that?
  • But pressure to return value to shareholders came at the expense of their own users.
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