I am a product of

I was born in 1984 to a white mother, and an Iroquois and Black father. I grew up poor, mostly because of the fact that my father was and still is a hard drug addict. I didn't get lucky with families, in fact my father is a child molester. As a result, I had to sever ties with them, and I am proud to say that I am a physical and sexual abuse survivor. I've learned to manage on my own, but I'll always wish my past could have been different.

It has always been obvious to me that love isn't real. Sure, it's measurable as a chemical reaction in our brains, but everyone close to me has ultimately betrayed me on a very fundamental level. I don't trust anyone. I wasn't raised with secure attachment, so I can't form lasting relationships as an adult.

From a young age it was obvious that I was queer, I'm fortunate to have grown up in the bay area, because in many other places in the world such as the middle east, I would still have to worry being killed for being who I am. I think everybody is a little bit gay, it makes sense since we share so much dna with binobos.

White people have always been very racist against me, in addition I have experienced a great deal of homophobia, in spite of living in the most liberal place in the united states. From a young age it has been obvious to me that white people have damaged the world beyond repair.

I was raised methodist, but christianity has always scared me. I remember when I was a child, my grandma who is catholic took me to a catholic church, I burst into tears immediately and she had to be removed- I knew intuitively that there were people there who wanted to hurt me. I have always seen christianity as a cult, and I have no respect for them. I also have no respect for muslims, I think they're creepy and living in the dark ages. I identify with Jews because they're real. If I had to put my religion into words, I guess I would call myself a Buddhist, although I am interested in other points of view, such as scientology.

I am a postmodern product of capitalism and the media. Money is one of the only things I care about, and I judge people by how much money they have. I think violence is cool, probably because I grew up watching it on tv every day. It sucks how dollar bills are no longer worth shit, and my generation is the one who is trillions of dollars in debt thanks to the generation before us. Generally speaking, I place no faith in politics, in fact I pretend like they don't exist because they're too depressing.

I'm a college student, and my dream is to start a biotech firm (specializing in tissue regeneration, and using genomic medicine to achieve immortality) but I really just want to become a famous scientist in order to get sent into outer space.

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