Hypergeometrical Universe

I created a new geometric model for matter.  In this geometrical model (The Hypergeometrical Universe), electron,proton,positron and antiproton are just the four phases of a fundamental dilator.  This fundamental dilator is a coherence between deformation states of a 4D space metric in a Five Dimensional Spacetime. All particles (isotopes and hypernuclei) where casted as more complex deformational coherences.

These deformational coherences, if one makes the analogy between deforming space and sound, are equivalent to a music score composed of one or several four notes chords.  In addition, there is a new proposed topology for the Universe, in which the 3D Universe is modeled as a lighspeed expanding hyperspherical shell (a shockwave Universe).

These two ideas together allow for the envisioning of a new way to create nuclear fusion: Coherent Nuclear Fusion. Under this approach, the nuclear chemistry paradigm is changed into a Nonlinear Hadronics paradigm similar to nonlinear optics. This means that one would focus a Deuterium flow with the correct energy and that would yield the fusion products with much higher yield.

This idea provides the guidance for an infinite source of clean energy.

Papers, books, pdfs and a detailed blog explaining everything in detail can be found here


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