Big Think Partners with Hyper, a Game-Changer in the Video App World

Big Think teams up with Hyper, a new premium video app that curates 10 videos each day, with no buffering or data depletion.

Tired of sacrificing your data plan to the buffering gods? Today Big Think announces a creative partnership with Hyper, a new mobile video app that brings you the 10 best videos every day based on your interests, from a top-tier mix of creators and independent filmmakers.

The app launched today on iPhone (and is also available on Apple TV and iPad), and is shaking up video on the go so you can stop shaking your phone in an attempt to magically harness more Wi-Fi. Here’s why: The premium video content on Hyper is available offline. It’s pre-loaded overnight, so it won’t chew up your data plan, and it’s presented in a fluid and impeccably designed user interface, so no more friction in your videos, no more frozen faces, and no more slow-motion sound bites. Wave your hankies from the shore as you watch that glitch-y ship sail away forever.

Hyper’s user experience is unparalleled in the video app space, and so is its curated content. Every day, the team of filmmakers and journalists at Hyper live the dream – they watch hundreds of videos spanning from tech and science to culture, style, comedy, entertainment, inspiring stories and global reporting. The editors pick the most extraordinary pieces and arrange them in a personalized top 10 playlist that’s delivered to your phone every morning – including inspiration and knowledge hits from Big Think, Vogue, Andrew Norton, Wired, The New York Times, Mashable, Refinery 29, CNN, and independent filmmakers.

"Hyper is built for curious people who are exhausted by viral videos and reality TV,” said Markus Gilles, CEO and co-founder of Hyper. “We believe in the prevalence of quality over content abundance.”

To download Hyper on iPhone, visit


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