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How much free will do we need?

The scientists reduce our 'free' will to sub-atomic particles and firing neurons, so that if we drill down deep enough, we don't have any. At that level we don't. The theists say we do, but profess a model which makes it logically impossible. When this is pointed out in relation to an omniscient/omnipotent deity, they deny they are excluding logic, and argue in ever decreasing circles. My point is, within the human experience, where we (westerners) have choice between 100 breakfast cereals, 50 types of toilet paper, 7 types of milk, 10 types of sugar, 18 types of jam, 55 varieties of fruit, 220 types of coffee... and that's before we walk out the door in the morning.. How much free will do we need? I can choose to treat people well/badly, to contribute to my environment or not, to move or atrophy, to think or fart... the choices are endless, so even if I'm not free to choose, it barely registers on a scale that is recognisable.... but that's us westerners for you, we most of us live like medieval kings now, and still too much is never enough.  

Live on Tuesday | Personal finance in the COVID-19 era

Sallie Krawcheck and Bob Kulhan will be talking money, jobs, and how the pandemic will disproportionally affect women's finances.

Why does coronavirus kill more men than women? Researchers may have found an important clue.

Men take longer to clear COVID-19 from their systems; a male-only coronavirus repository may be why.

(Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
  • A new study found that women clear coronavirus from their systems much faster than men.
  • The researchers hypothesize that high concentrations of ACE2-expressing cells in the testes may store more coronavirus.
  • There are many confounding factors to this mystery—some genetic, others social and behavioral.
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Education vs. learning: How semantics can trigger a mind shift

The word "learning" opens up space for more people, places, and ideas.

Education vs. learning: How semantics can trigger a mind shift | Gregg ...
Future of Learning
  • The terms 'education' and 'learning' are often used interchangeably, but there is a cultural connotation to the former that can be limiting. Education naturally links to schooling, which is only one form of learning.
  • Gregg Behr, founder and co-chair of Remake Learning, believes that this small word shift opens up the possibilities in terms of how and where learning can happen. It also becomes a more inclusive practice, welcoming in a larger, more diverse group of thinkers.
  • Post-COVID, the way we think about what learning looks like will inevitably change, so it's crucial to adjust and begin building the necessary support systems today.
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Why is everyone so selfish? Science explains

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the perception of selfishness among many.

Credit: Adobe Stock, Olivier Le Moal.
Personal Growth
  • Selfish behavior has been analyzed by philosophers and psychologists for centuries.
  • New research shows people may be wired for altruistic behavior and get more benefits from it.
  • Crisis times tend to increase self-centered acts.
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Culture & Religion

How Hemingway felt about fatherhood

Parenting could be a distraction from what mattered most to him: his writing.

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