How is technological innovation changing the educational system?

The second talking point about 21st Century literacy is: The world of technological innovation moves at a different pace than the educational system.

When I first looked at this sentence, I wondered how it could be a talking point: Of course the speed of change is faster with technology than it is with schools. But this is so obvious that I wonder why it's worth mentioning.

However, look at what happens when we replace "technology" with what I think these talking points should be about, "compelling communication." I think this talking point should read something like this:

Compelling communicators use writing in new ways (qualitatively different than writing in traditional classrooms, not just getting to the same goals faster) because of technological changes, and educational systems need to change to remain relevant in this changing world. 

This leads to a different question. It's not about finding a way to reconcile different paces of change. It's not about how teachers can moderate between two different cultures, but more about how we can continue to live in both technological and educational worlds without going crazy. Much of what happens in schools--especially around testing--must stop. We don't need to change schools faster, we need to start again.

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