How best will the international business-community approach Cuba, post-Castro?

Now that Fidel Castro has tendered his resignation (no, I don't think his direct influence is going away completely) it is estimable many in the international business-community have static "plans" ready to be "launched" upon Cuba.

I wonder what consideration is being taken, by ready-to-strike businesses, with concern for a new Cuban society and the Cuban citizen? The majority of whom are young and have never experienced an open and potentially "freer" society.

Will firms take advantage for their own gain or who will strive to benefit all parties involved, from the citizen with least opportunity before them through the business's own goals? Individual influence by those associated with Cuba-interested-firms can help to make positive, all-encompassing results, the reality for Cuba.

Yet, in our Halliburtonesque-world, let's work to not give into more of the recent examples of charging in, monopolizing contracts, and draining new hope and potential in a vampiring manner.

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