horse slaughter?

I am an avid animal lover ! I am upset with the new slaughter policy ! The market & care of horses have crashed ! An animal is to be given a place in this world !What do you expect todo w these large animals that are not getting proper medical att.&care ? Unlike the dogs &cats LOL! That get it (GASSED)everyday!These animals deserve to have a descent humanitaryin death too!      (OPEN BACK UP THE SLAUGHTER HOUSES!)These are animals that are in noway pets they will kill ,hurt & destroy a human or are so old or foundered ill ,near death,need death,have broken bones ,blind,wild animals that are not givin the soul of a pet ,farm animals!I can see the lady & her boy that started all this again problem !With blood running out of the semi, as it tried to remove the crippled  hurt animals from the city ,to take them to there next destination !They have laws in affect that could be used or knowlegde is power due something !(out of sight out of mind )They live 25 30 years & need are help to do that they have few  homes leftin the farm community(4 wheelers 21st century tech.) ! They are called belly robbers ,eat twice as much as a cow, ruine pastures ,eat to much ,are dangerous,The average horse would eat 60 lbs of feed a day ! Who Or What org. has this amount to care for these animals when the goverment is up-in -arms already on the wild horses & burros already !  Why the goverment&P.E.T.A don't have the care needed for these animals before they start there so called good? They are being left in unimaginable ways & need a better process of elimination then is being givin! So , bring back the slaughter theses animals deserve a better end!Not to be left in road ditches ( no IDs so people there will be more unneeded deaths)like deer they kill!How many deaths or how much $$$ for the state (pay for unidentified wild animals roaming the ditches&roads causing lawsuits ect....)to care for these wild animals will it take for them to open up the slaughter?

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