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Most near-death experiences report heaven like conditions: love, light, deceased loved ones... while a minority are hell-experiences. Most of these report, not a lake of fire, but a rejection, or a 'casting out' into the pit, or the void of space. An utter absence of god (light, love, loved ones) by impossible distance. The sense of being commanded into the void prevails.

I am familiar with the experience as I had it as a child that almost died several times. Most who hear this story ask: why would god condemn an innocent child? I see it differently. Innocence is NOT a harvestable commodity; life experience is. In the garden of life, fruits and vegetables are harvestable, while those that bear no fruit or rotten fruit are cast into the compost bin. Recycled.

Hell is the recycler of soul stuff.


Again, the film Constantine portrays both an excellent image of Coyote (Gabriel) as having her own agenda, AND a relevant image of Hell.

I saw the film as depicting Hell as a POSSIBLE FUTURE with the blast furnace of the sun raking over the planet and our constructed world. Or a possible nuclear holocaust future where the very atmosphere and surface of the planet catch fire. E.g: the planets surface is loaded with hydrogen.

Another example: scientists are concerned that the earth's magnetic field seems to be sputtering; failure of this field will expose us to the full fury of the sun as depicted in the film.

There is evidence that our magnetic field has failed and reversed in the past. The passing of our solar system through the center of our galaxy's central plane in 2012 (end of the Mayan Long Count Calender; e.g: end-of-the-world) may affect this, akin to moving from a positive into a negative field.

Remember that the 'missing dark matter' has just been located and seems to be arranged in a grid, or web-like pattern or framework of the universe. As mathematical or GEOMETRIC TRUTHS are the ONLY objective truths that we can discern, it makes sense that the universe's structure itself is a geometric field. Therefore, moving through the central plane of our galaxy should also mean moving through the geometrical field which makes our galaxy a spinning disk of energy and mass.


I see Hell and Armageddon as CULTURAL WARNING POSTS; a part of the Human Song that warns us to beware that our choices can easily destroy us. I also like the recent depictions in media (such as the TV series Heroes) where evolution or the Human Song will raise up heroes or prophets to warn us of and perhaps save us from such futures.

And to make jesseakers happy, the Bible does indeed tell us that is what will happen in the 'end times:' the rise of dreams, visions and prophets. Of course the problem is that the Bible also tells us that it is hopeless to struggle, that we are all going to die and that the world will most certainly be totally destroyed.

We already know that a 'new earth' will replace the destruction of this biosphere, as it has happened repeatedly in the past. Ten million years after an earth destroying event, it is like nothing has happened, except that everything is different. Are Christians going to sit in a spaceship waiting in suspended animation for several million years for the planet to rebuild, or are we going to pay attention to the warning signs within the Human Song and postpone the inevitable?


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