Happy New Year

Last night, our company arranged a dinner in the near restaurants for its employees who have worked for it all the whole year. The old year has past and the New Year is coming in a few days. I believe that everyone does have his or her own will to make them come true. As for me, I hope that I will make a lot of money and then make good use of them do something that I dream of. Besides, I wish that I can meet a good man to marry with him so that I can own my family. Different people has different dream. But what about your dream is? Maybe, only you know what you want to get in the New Year.After finishing the dinner, I step into the No.42 to come back home. On the way, I think a lot of things that have happened in this year. Suddenly, my heart becomes very hurtful and can not have a breath at that time. As for the reasons, I recall my boyfriend who lives far away from my living place. Because of some reality problems, we can not stay together. The problems are not the same as the rappelz rupees which is the key to the net game and they are very hard to be solved by us.Just three years ago, we met in the net bar because of the rappelz gold when I started to learn how to play the net game and in fact, I did not know how to do well in it, especially on where to buy rupees made me very puzzled. On an occasional chance, my good friend introduced him to me and told me that he was an old player who could do me a favor in the unreal world of the game. Indeed, he was very professional in the game and after accepting his advice on how to win the rappelz money, I found that I became very familiar with the game.At last, I felt that a strange feeling appeared that I fallen in love with him. To my lucky, he told me that he also had loved me. Although we do love each other, the reality does not allow us to go through the happy time enough long not like the cheap rappelz rupees.One day, his parents invited me to have a talking on the relationship between us and ask me to leave him as soon as I can because they think that we are not suitable. Without any methods, I choose to leave him.When the New Year is coming, I only want to say Happy New Year to him in my deep heart. 

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