Half-finished or half-baked? 003

Random musings. Half-finished (and quite possibly half-baked) thoughts.

Things that have caught my eye...

Helpful school guidelines

Ewan McIntosh kindly shares

East Lothian's self-publishing and social media


for students and for staff:
  • Staff
  • Commas rule. Comma rules.

    Jim Coe shares his awesome presentations on comma rules. I'm

    quite partial to Rule 1. These are

    great for teachers looking for examples of interesting and effective pedagogical

    uses of technology. Thanks for the link, Global



    Hoochie skirts

    Regarding teacher dress codes, Miss

    Profe asks

    , "Would we take a trial attorney seriously if he came to court

    dressed in a Hawaiian print shirt and board shorts? Or a hoochie skirt and

    midriff-bearing top?"

    Madison dust-up

    There's a battle raging over the Madison (WI) school district's decision

    to turn down $2 million in Reading First money:


  • Big
  • guns pound Schemo

    Teen lit

    Despite concerns about media immersion (television, music, Internet, etc.),

    teens are

    reading like never before


    Remember the Celestine Prophecy?

    Check out David Truss' Web2.0 Prophecy.

    We need a plan. We really do.


    Higgins nicely extends

    my contrarian

    post regarding Web 2.0

    . Thanks, Patrick!



    for New York's state test don't measure up

    . There's probably a lawsuit in

    there somewhere. The last two paragraphs of the story are spot-on.

    Have I mentioned that I like Seth Godin?!

    district]sucks domains

    now! (be sure to click through to read the

    various domain names that were bought)

  • Schools
  • are monopolies

    (almost). Ouch.
  • Are digital
  • refugees

    really just fear


  • Most schools fall in the good, not great, category. Godin believes that there's
  • a big gap between good and great


    Have a great weekend, everyone!

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