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Zero Waste, Packaging-Free Grocery Store to Rock in Texas

Nature doesn’t litter, people do. In the US that trash amounts to 1.4 billion pounds per day. And 40% of that is packaging. Recently, Greenpeace tried to provoke the global community portraying Barbie as a serial killer because of her addiction to cheap packaging. I personally think that villainizing Barbie, who is nothing more than a toy, totally fails to get across the idea of personal responsibility and the impact of human activity. Still, the campaign got me thinking about the billions over billions of tons of packaging that is being produced and soon after disposed of, and how horrifyingly wasteful the whole process is. 

In.gredients, a grocery store soon to be opened in Austin, Texas, intends to make a step in the right direction. It will be the first package-free, zero waste grocery store in the States, providing fresh, local and organic food. The people behind it (“a collaborative effort between business, community, and consumers”) are not afraid to say that they will “limit your choices based on what’s in season” or that their “business will be waste free; your home can be waste free too”.

The store will provide all of the basic ingredients needed for a healthy lifestyle, such as meats, dairy, baking goods, cooking oils, spices, grains, and seasonal produce. Every customer can bring his or her own containers and fill them up with just the right quantity of foods while the store will offer compostable containers for those who don’t have their own. 

Learn more from the video and give your support.

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