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Yemen Links Edition

Yesterday, I posted links to article by myself and Ginny Hill on Yemen.  Today, I’ll add a number of other interviews by commentators on what is happening in Yemen. 

Stacey Philbrick Yadav to Free Speech Radio (some very smart points here.)

Abd al-Ghani al-Iryani to NPR on the defection of Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar. 

Later this morning NPR will also air an interview with Robert Powell of the Economist Intelligence Unit (note, I obviously have not listened to this piece)

Also, the International Crisis Group has put out a full report and a brief on Yemen in recent days, the only reason I’m not linking to them is because I have yet to read them – but I’m sure they are well-worth your time and they are in my ever expanding pile of things to read. 

And finally for your viewing pleasure Foreign Policy has put together this slide show of photos from the protests in Yemen. 

Over the past couple of days as the international media has once again focused on the bloody fighting in Sanaa, they have invariably asked themselves, Yemenis, and outside observers the […]

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