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White Christmas

A winter storm that currently covers two-thirds of the country is responsible for at least 18 deaths across the Midwest.

“Icy roads were blamed for the deaths of at least 18 people, many of them in Nebraska and Kansas. Some 100 flights leaving Minneapolis were cancelled. The US weather service said the storm was spanning two-thirds of the country. It advised against non-essential travel and scores of churches cancelled Christmas services. Up to 2ft (60cm) of snow was possible in some areas by Christmas Day (Friday), forecasters said. Scott Blair, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Topeka, Kansas, said the wind was becoming a serious issue in the central part of that state, with gusts reaching 40mph (64km/h). ‘We’re going to see blowing snow,’ he said. ‘The big concern comes later when we see snowfall with the wind, causing reduced visibility.’ The US East Coast is still recovering from record snowfall last weekend, which brought much of the capital Washington DC to a standstill. The new storm is expected to glaze highways in the east with ice over Christmas, the Associated Press reports.”

The flat earthers who refuse to believe that there is global warming or that sea levels are rising have had a good couple of months in the Northern hemisphere. They […]

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