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What I’m not blogging about

Work has heated up with little time for blogging, so instead of actually taking the time to write a blog post on a rainy Saturday I thought it be would just as productive to create a small list of what I won’t be blogging on.

1. The assassination attempt (this is a bit strong in my view) of the VP’s brother and head of security in the south. (There has been a lot on this in Arabic)

2. Claims and counter-claims of what is behind the MiG 29 crash in the north. (even more on this in Arabic)

3. ‘Abd al-Malik al-Huthi’s most recent interview. (only in Arabic)

4. The goings on with Tariq al-Fadhli. (rumors and speculation in Arabic and a bit in English)

5. The anticipated new AQAP video and the upcoming issue of Sada al-Malahim. (nothing official – only hints)

6. Guantanamo rumors and plans. (the name says it all)

7. and, I’m not joking, the hidden meaning of “umbilical cord,” in official Yemeni media. (I think only two people know what I’m talking about, but that is probably enough.)


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