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Waq al-waq and the Media (Updated)

Here at Waq al-waq we like to think that we only have a mild case of narcissism as opposed to the full-blown cases that we witness elsewhere. However, in an effort to set the record straight and since we have had so many new visitors – more than 10,000 in the last three days – I thought it would be helpful to point out, despite what is sometimes said that I am not a professor at Princeton University.

Instead I am a graduate student, or a Ph.D. candidate, as my bio on the side of the blog indicates. Nor have I have ever told anyone I was a professor. All such references are, I believe, the result of muscle memory and not attempts to deceive on anyones part. Often times newspaper editors and television produces attempt to get around this – as if being a Ph.D. student is not a full-time gig – by simply saying that I am a “Yemen expert at Princeton”. I usually acquiesce to this – remember the slight case of narcissism. Also, and as long as I have the opportunity: my last name is also not spelled with an “o” but rather with an “e” Johnsen. That is the other common error.

Now with those clarifying points, I would point you to Charlie Rose’s website for video of the last night’s show in which I participated along with Eric Schmitt, Steve Coll and Richard Barrett. Unfortunately – for me, at least – the satellite link was cut mid-way through the segment.

Also Waq al-waq has now added The Majlis to the list of blogs we recommend, both because we like the work that is done there as well as because we know now the individuals behind it much better.

Update: I corrected two typos in the post above. (But that is not to say there are no more.)


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