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Volcanic eruption in Pakistan?

A news report from Pakistan suggests a volcano just erupted in that country – which is quite a surprise. UPDATED: huh?

UPDATE 2/2/2010 7:30PM EST: Another report, this time placing the activity near Wham. This report is still vague about that is actually happening, saying people saw “flames of burning rocks on the top of the mountain over the last couple of days”. The article also says the Headquarters of the Geological Survey of Pakistan has not returned any inquires on the event. My guess (and I emphasize guess) is this might be a misconstrued forest fire … but this is about as strange a report of a volcanic eruption as you can get.

UPDATE 2/2/2010: A little bit more detail – the “volcano” in question is called Torghar Mountain. There is a blurry, unidentifiable picture that sort of looks like a scoria cone deposit or spatter cone deposit in another report that says the “eruption” started on Sunday night.

Anybody want to help me on this. I just read a report of a volcanic eruption in Pakistan. Here is the link to the report, which offers few details, including, well, the country that this is happening. I’m guessing it is Pakistan based on the source and the names.

The full report:

A mountain in Charri located near Ziarat has begun to spew molten lava, creating panic and fear in the locality.

Talking to journalists, DCO Ziarat Siddiqui Mandokhel said that that he had personally surveyed the site of occurrence, and said that emittance of chemical gases had begun last night, after which it spewed out a molten lava, the size of a meter.

He also said that that special (scientific) survey teams would be arriving soon to study the lava, which had thankfully not reached any credible population in its environs; which is already scarce.

He assured that despite all natural immunity, safety measures had nevertheless been taken, and a fewer homes located in the environs of site, have been or were in process of being relocated.

It is pertinent to note that during last year this region had been subjected to severe seismic jolts, resulting in calamitous loss of lives and property; while aftershocks are still continuing.

Seismologists have already marked the region being in quake zone (redzone), while locals are fast relocating, due of any further anticipatory calamity.

I’ll try to find more information, but this is a big question mark to me right now.


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