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Video Blog Series–Part 1: How to Explore the Universe & How to Travel to a Parallel Universe

My new television show “Sci-Fi Science” on The Science Channel is inspired by my book “Physics of the Impossible.” The first season of the show takes viewers through the wildest frontiers of science with a real-world look into the world of phasers, teleportation, light-sabers, invisibility, time travel and more. Filming for the second season is nearing an end, and will be launched on The Science Channel on Sept. 1 at 9 pm. I’ve decided to try something new with my Big Think blog—offering you the opportunity to have me answer some of your questions on camera. The basis of the topics are “shows” from the first season of “Sci-Fi Science.”

All you have to do is post your questions in the comments section. Some time in the near future, I will choose questions from each topic in the series and answer them on camera in another Big Think interview. The final product will prominently be displayed on my blog. 

Part 1

How to Explore the Universe & How to Travel to a Parallel Universe

Science Fiction is full of heroic stories of great adventurers exploring new worlds among the stars. But for years all of this was dismissed as pure fantasy because the distances between stars are too great. But now imagine a portal that connects directly to bizarre worlds—a passport to adventure—where fantasy might one day become reality; a working gateway to a Parallel Universe. I want to hear your questions about how we may one day Explore the Universe and the possibility to Travel to a Parallel Universe, and the daunting challenges physicists face in fulfilling this dream.

Questions can range from what type of power we would use to power a starship, wormholes, black holes, parallel universes, The Big Bang, higher dimensions and even the Multiverse. Please don’t limit yourselves to just these individual topics; these are merely a few ideas for you to build from.

You can also find Part 2 (How to Become a Superhero & How to Build a Sci-Fi Robot) and Part 3 (How to Teleport & Become Invisible) of the new Video Blog Series by clicking on the links.


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