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Updated list of Resignations in Yemen

Update: Following Friday’s shooting in Sanaa a number of officials in the ruling GPC party have submitted their resignations. 

Below is an up-dated list that continues from this earlier post.

I will add more updates as they become available.

Waq al-waq has decided, in keeping with protests in Yemen, to keep a running tally of people resigning from the ruling GPC.  It very much looks like people are abandoning ship.

This list only represent those who resigned in protest or to join the protesters, not those who were fired or forced out.

I’m also sure I have missed some people, so feel free to make amendments/corrections in the comment sectioin.



Hamud al-Hitar: Minister of Religious Endowments

Nabil Hassan al-Faqih: Minister of Tourism

Huda al-Ban: Minister of Human Rights

Members of Parliament

Abd al-Karim al-Salami

Abd al-Aziz al-Jubari

Abdu Muhammad Bashr

Abd al-Salam Salih Hishwal

Abd al-Karim Jadban

Khalid Majud al-Sa‘adi

Ahmad al-Azani

Abd al-Rahman Ali al-Ashabi

Abd al-Bari Daghish

Khalid Yahya Mu‘sar

Husayn al-Ahmar

Hashid al-Ahmar

Ali Ahmad al-‘Imrani

Himyar al-Ahmar (deputy speaker of parliament)

Muhammad al-Naqib

Abdu al-Huthayfi

Ali Sha’ia

Muhammad Abdu Said

Abd al-Hamid Huraiz

Muhammad al-Shadadi


Faisal Amin Abu Ras: Ambassador to Lebanon

Abdullah al-Saidi: Ambassador to UN

Marwan al-Numan: Ambassador to Japan

Abd al-Wahhab Tawab: Ambassador to Syria

Abd al-Rahman al-Hamdi: Ambassador to Czech Republic

Sha’ia Muhsin al-Zindani: Ambassador to Jordan

Muthna Muhammad: Ambassador to China

Muhammad Ali al-Ahwal: Ambassador to Saudi Arabia


Abd al-Jalil Hamud Abu Ghanim (former Governor of Ibb and former Commander in Armed Forces)

Nabil Muhammad Ali al-Khamari (prominent businessman)

Sam bin Yahya al-Ahmar (agent in the Ministry of Culture)

Muhammad Abd al-lahi al-Qadi – General Council of GPC

Abu Fadil al-Sa‘adhi – Deputy Agent in Minister of Local Administration

Muhammad bin Hasan al-Sharif – Director General of Hudaydah Airport, member of GPC

Shaykh Salih Muhammad al-Khadhiq – tribal shaykh

Kafah al-Ka‘abi– Deputy Director for student affairs at Hudaydah University

Jalal al-Faqirah: Former Minister of Agriculture

Khalid al-Ruwayshan: Former Minister of Culture

Abd al-Wahhab al-Rawhani: Former Minister of Culture

Nasir Taha Mustafa: Head of Yemen’s Official Press Agency, Saba

Samir al-Yusifi Head of Board of Directors for Republican Corporation for Newspapers and broadcasting

Muhammad al-Qudsi: membership in permanent council for GPC

Abdullah al-Qubati: Head of executive committee for public works and scholarships

Muhamad Suwar: Sec. General council of deputy ministers

Faris Saqqaf: Head council of writers

Doctor Muhammad Qara’a: Member of Consultative Council

Doctor Husayn al-Junayd: official in Ministry of Water and Environment

Adal al-Yazidi: head of Min. of Human Rights Office

Ali Salih al-Taysir: official in Min. of Human Rights

Abd al-Rahman Bajas: Editor of official daily al-Thawra

Abd al-Malik al-Iryani: refused appointment to Consultative Council

Sari Muhammad al-Ujayli: judge

Muhammad Muhammad Qatran: judge

Ali Raja’: Adviser Min. of Foreign Affairs

Ali Muhammad al-Huthi: Adviser to Gov. of Hudaydah

Nur Babad: Union of Writers

Shaykh Nasir al-Shahari:

Shaykh Faisal Ali Abdullah Mana’a: permanent council and Consultative Council

Amin Muhammad Shamhan: Asst. Sec. Gen of PM office

Muhammad al-Hawari, Head of Defense and Security Council in Parliament Head of GPC in Sanaa

Abdullah Muthana: Principal Deputy Gov. of Lahj

Mushin Rajih Abu Lahum: General Counsel Yemen Embassy in US

General Abd al-Karim Abdulilah: former defense attache Yemen Embassy in Jordan

Abd al-Aziz al-Hayjam: editor of official daily

Fuad al-Maqtari: managing editor Saba

Ahmad Muhammad al-Qatabi: Governor of Aden

Brigadier General Muhammad Salih al-Kukni: defense attache embassy in Russia

Dr. Adnan al-Sanawi – Adviser to Yemen Ambassador in Malaysia

Shaykh Muhammad Shardah

Ahmad Salim al-Asili: deputy governor in al-Baydah

Shaykh Ahmad Salim Shamakh

Shaykh Ahmad Salih al-Issi: head of Football union

Hamud Darhim Dammaj: Official in Governor’s office in Dhammar

Salih al-Dhanayn: Adviser to President Salih

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