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Troubles in the North, Fighting in the South

While protesters were clashing with security forces and militias in the south, the fighting continued in the north between Huthi supporters and government forces all the while President Salih is in the hospital with “exercise induced injuries.”

In the south, the clashes took place in and around Tariq al-Fadhli’s compound. Al-Tagheer reported earlier this morning that eight people were killed, that number has gone up to at least 12 dead over the day and there are reports that the government is looking to arrest al-Fadhli. Meanwhile a groups of Shaykhs in Marib and al-Jawf, calling itself, rather optimistically, the Marib-al-Jawf Tribal Alliance is warning the government against arresting al-Fadhli.

In the north, the clashes continue.

According to an official spokesman, Salih is expected to resume his official duties soon.

Another group, the Akhdam, has also decided the time is ripe for it to press for its own right.

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