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‘Tis Here! ‘Tis Gone! Dr. Michio Kaku on the Search for Heavy Elements

Every Wednesday, Michio Kaku will be answering reader questions about physics and futuristic science. If you have a question for Dr. Kaku, just post it in the comments section below and check back on Wednesdays to see if he answers it.

Today, Dr. Kaku addresses a question posed by Atharv Joshi: Considering elements 114 and 116, Dr. Kaku, do you believe that the elusive “Feynmanium” can ever be produced artificially? (Note: also known as Untriseptium, “Feynmanium” is a hypothetical chemical element which has not been observed to occur naturally, nor has it yet been synthesised. Due to drip instabilities, it is not known if this element is physically possible.)

Watch Dr. Kaku’s response here:


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