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Thursday Papers: or T -1 Day and counting (Updated)

Clashes broke out in Aden today ahead of the May 22 anniversary. News Yemen has coverage here and Mareb Press takes up the issue here, claiming that around 25 people were injured. Reuters puts the dead at three.

Also, al-Jazeera has finally posted the video and transcript of the show “The Yemeni Crisis,” which has been getting a great deal of attention within the country.

Ahead of President Obama’s speech, which has just started as I type this, the Wall Street Journal has an editorial entitled: “Yemen’s Terror Problem.” (We’ll leave aside our criticism of the opening line – lest we descend into the pit of unthinking and purely reflexive writing that we tend to criticize others for.)

This is the first time I’ve heard of Marib, al-Jawf and Shabwa (presumably the three governorates the author is referring to) designated as a “triangle of evil.” I’m sure many of my friends who live in those regions would be quite surprised to be labeled as such.

There is another story on the difficulties of closing Guantanamo available here.

Update: al-Tagheer is reporting three dead, 30 wounded and 100 people arrested.


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