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This Calendar Will Allow You to Literally Burn Away the Past

Have you had days that you would just like to erase out of existence? Or maybe burn away, collect the ashes and let the wind carry them as far away from you as possible? I have. Which is why I love the concept of this calendar made of matches.

The Energy calendar is the creation of Ukrainian designer Yurko Gutsulyak and is one of several creative musings on the subject, such as this versatile trash calendar. Yurko’s idea was to create a unique calendar so that the process of its presenting would become an outstanding event, as well as to reveal the concept of energy.

He has certainly managed to do both, but the main reason I like his product is because of the layer of symbolism found in such a common every day object. It can certainly stir a water cooler conversation about the essence of time and the transience of life. It tells a story, which is always a wonderful element to incorporate into the design of a product. And let’s face it, I just love the opportunity it presents to symbolically let go of the past by literally burning yesterday away. 


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