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There must be a reason for everything?

Is about the most useless phrase we’ve ever uttered.

A ‘reason’ connotes plan. We anthropomorphise concepts all the time and this is a classic. Substitute the word ’cause’ for reason and most of the nonsensical and deluded ideas held to by the faithful wither and die. ‘The reason the sun comes up is that God designed it to happen that way according to his plan’, would be a primitive example of what I mean. This is not something you’d expect thinking people to still subscribe too… and yet…

In a fully automatic and self regulating universe, one that operates on principles of natural selection then the universe is the way it is because that’s the only version that could have survived. No need for a reason or plan, just a sequence of events. The causal world is the only world we experience, even those wishful thinking abstract concepts in our mind that fire our imaginations are products of the causal world. There is not one thing in any of the worlds holy books that could not have emanated from the mind of a man. That’s a bit of a clue I think. Most of it is just dull prose and tedious over-ripe imagery.

‘God’ would have to be one of the worst and most unsupportable reasons for anything.


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