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The most optimistic article in the history of the world

Here, for a taste, is the sub-headline.

Often overlooked in favour of glitzy neighbour Dubai, the hidden gems of Oman & Yemen are also worth considering.

This isn’t about tourism or travel, in which case I would say: yes. Absolutely. This is, however, a business magazine, talking about investing strategies.

Snark aside, it makes some good points. It is considerably more up on Oman, calling it arguably the best place for British to do business in the Middle East (this is a British magazine). But it also highlights the positives in Yemen.

A number of high profile kidnappings of westerners and ongoing tensions between the government and insurgents makes it a market companies should approach with caution.

But its strategic importance in the region means it attracts significant development aid and with 23 million people it is the fastest growing democracy in the Middle East.
Despite its problems, Yemen is also trying to increase its trade links and bolster non-oil sectors of the economy and a small number of Scottish companies are already exploiting opportunities there.
Look, I don’t think this is a major magazine. But this is an article about Yemen that doesn’t a) mention that “there are three guns for every person!!!! OMG!; or b) say “the ancestral homeland of Osama bin Laden. I consider that a positive step.


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