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Guest Thinkers

The lines are blurring [HELP WANTED]

[If you’re willing, I could use a little help with an upcoming keynote to educators…]

Digital technologies and the Internet are causing the lines to blur in a number of different areas. For example, the lines are blurring between…

  • real and virtual / electronic
  • analog and digital
  • producers and consumers
  • learners and teachers
  • work and home
  • electronic books and videos / animations / interactive games / learning software
  • experts and amateurs
  • human flesh and technology (e.g., cyborgs, implants)
  • local and global
  • individuals and crowds
  • and so on…
  • Here’s where I could use some help:

    1. In this digital, global age that we now live in, what other lines do you think are blurring and are worth noting for educators?, and
    2. For any or all of these, what can I show my audience (e.g., videos, diagrams, apps, URLs, devices, images, simulations) to illustrate how formerly-separate concepts are now coming together into new forms?
    3. Any assistance you can lend would be most appreciated!

      Image credit:Day 27 – White line


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