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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Report for 1/13-19/2010

The latest volcano news from around the world – including activity at Kharimkotan in Russia and Planchon-Peteroa in Chile.

This week’s USGS/Smithsonian GVP Volcano Update!

Highlights include:

  • A volcano I had never heard of in the Kuril islands is showing signs of life: Kharimkotan. Satellite images show a thermal anomaly at the summit of the volcano – its last known eruption was in 1933.
  • Ash, sulfur dioxide and steam continue to erupt from Nyamuragira in the Congo, although lava flows have abated.
  • Crater C at Arenal had sporadic strombolian activity – which is par for the course for the Costa Rican volcano.
  • I must have missed this, but since December 14, the ash erupted at Gaua in Vanuatu has become denser and darker – and is still being emitted.
  • Increased fumarolic activity was spotted at Planchon-Peteroa in Chile, but this apparently common in the height of summer (in the southern hemisphere).

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