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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 7/22-28/2009

Volcanoes are making noise around the globe and you can read about it in this week’s SI/USGS Volcano Report.

This is likely my last update until the end of next week sometime, so feel free to use it for any new volcano news you might see. Look for the Erebus Volcano Profile to be posted on Friday sometime, followed by the vote for the next Profile. Next time I post I’ll be (back) in the eastern time zone!

With that, I leave you with the latest USGS/SI Weekly Volcano Report.

Highlights (not counting Shiveluch) include:

  • Small ash plumes were spotted several times from Batu Tara in Indonesia.
  • Explosions, ashfall and earthquakes were reported at Nevado del Huila in Colombia.
  • There were reports of explosions from Suwanose-jima in Japan.
  • A steam-and-ash plume from Sangay in Ecuador reached 7.9 km / ~26,000 feet according to reports from aircraft.

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    Shiveluch continues its noisy summer, we hope to avoid unnecessary noise at Crater Lake National Park and former noise spotted on Mars.