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Sada al-Malahim

Issue 13 of Sada al-Malahim is out today, and while I won’t take the time to go through the whole journal (many other things to do), one thing did stand out to me and that was the news of the death of Nayyif bin Muhammad al-Qahtani.

His death was first reported by Hugh Macleod of the Guardian over the weekend. Interestingly, however, Macleod writes that he was killed in a shoot-out with Saudi forces in Saudi Arabia at some point during the last month. The news was curious and sparked a lot of questions, few of which had satisfactory answers. But today’s issue of Sada alMalahimclears much of this up.

The journal claims al-Qahtani was killed in one of the US strikes on Abyan. The mix-up in locations is, to my mind, a very interesting insight into the flow of information within AQAP. There is a lot here.

Now it is back to self-enforced silence.


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