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Redoubt Hut webcam back online – and a new ash column spotted!

The Hut webcam is back and so are the explosions.

The Hut webcam at Redoubt that has a great view of the hydrothermal vents near the 1989-90 domes – and the area where the current eruption is likely to be sourced – is back online. So far, we can see what looks like lahar deposits on the lower left-hand flanks of the volcano in the stream channels (likely formed by the melting of the Drift Glacier) and ash deposits all over the snow. Also, depending on the light and clouds, you can definitely see an ash column coming from the volcano.

Also, AVO is reporting that at 7:41 PM (Alaska time), a new ash column was spotted on radar reaching 60,000 feet / 18,000 meters. These types of ash columns will definitely continue to snarl air traffic into and out of Anchorage (amongst other Alaskan airports). I’ve posted one of the current ash trajectory model from NOAA above and you can see the latest PUFF models here. You can also see the volcano’s seismic trace leading up to the eruption here. Always impressive when the volcano goes “nonlinear”. Sounds like the volcano monitors will finally get their kudos.


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