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Reconciling standards- and data-driven accountability with 21st century skills – Wrap-up

Last week was another phenomenal week of guest blogging here at Dangerously Irrelevant. I had invited guests to reflect on how to reconcile standards- and data-driven accountability with so-called ‘21st century skills.’ Some of the best posts of the week were when my guests all but ignored the assignment!

Here are all of the posts from last week:

  1. An Apple (Inc.) in 21st century classrooms
  2. How to teach for jobs that don’t exist
  3. Ignore the test
  4. Teach wisely, teach well
  5. Can we just skip the whole “data-driven” part if the technology is free?
  6. Collaboration: The lost skill?
  7. The death of subjective values
  8. 26 centuries of skills
  9. Writing – The elephant in the class room
  10. Reclaiming the language
  11. To whom are we accountable?
  12. It’s all about building culture
  13. Can states assess creativity?
  14. Sharing reconciliation with the people formerly known as the audience
  15. Thank you Shawn, Aaron, Jason, Karen, Kyle, Tony, Carl, Dave, Joe, Dan, Matt, Tyler, Richard, and Andrew for an incredible week of writing, thinking, and reflecting. I am humbled by the thoughtfulness (and excellence) of your work and your willingness to share your perspectives with me and my readers.

    Happy reading, everyone. I strongly encourage you to click through at each post and see my guests’ other writing. Also, feel free to forward this wrap-up post on to your local school administrators and/or university educational leadership professors; there’s lots of good stuff here for them and/or their students!


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