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Okmok Update


Sorry about the delay with updates, I am actually at a meeting filled with volcanologists (of all things), so updates might be a little sporadic.

nnA lot of news today about Okmok erupting in the Aleutians. The Alaska Volcano Observatory had this to say:n

The eruption at Okmok continues based on high levels of seismicity and ash continues to be erupted as indicated in satellite observations. Seismicity reached a peak at about 2200 Zn(2:00 PM ADT) yesterday and has been gradually declining since. Reports from Unalaska indicate no ash fall in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor since last night. However, as of 0730 ADT the ash fall advisory for Nikolski and Unalaska/Dutch Harbor remains in effect.

nSo, yes, a sizeable event, with an eruptive column of upwards of 45,000 feet. Ten fishermen were evacuated from a fishing vessel but little other problems have occurred with the few people who live relatively near the volcano.nn

I’ll try to have more to say later, but sounds like another good Aleutian eruption from the 35-km caldera.

nnUpdate 7/13/08: Here’s some more information on the Okmok eruption. I also enjoyed this quote from one of the USGS scientists:n

“This eruption came out of the blue in a lot of ways,” said volcanologist Dave Schneider. “There is only maybe about one and a half hour or so of precursory activity before it went into full born eruption, so it did come as a surprise to us.”

nSounds similar to the surprise eruption of Chaiten. Lots more mysteries to solve in volcanology.


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