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New Years’ Resolution Suggestion For The FDA: Ban BPA Already

They say you shouldn’t make huge, quixotic resolutions at New Years. Pick something small, something gradual, something you’ll stick to. Instead of swearing you’ll get down to a size zero, decide to eat more broccoli and go to yoga once a week. Instead of swearing you’ll keep your house immaculate, decide to make some time on Sunday afternoons to clean. In that pragmatic spirit: A Modest New Years’ Resolution for the United States of America. Our little nation may not quit smoking this year – I mean, stop emitting greenhouse gasses – but we can surely, certainly, definitely, absolutely vow to get off our rear and take care of a little housekeeping detail like BANNING BPA.

Yesterday, the FDA missed its third self-imposed deadline for letting the American public know whether bisphenol A – a hormone-disrupting chemical that leaches out of the plastic linings in soda cans and canned food containers (look out especially for any plastic container that’s hard, transparent, and labeled #7) – is bad for us. The last missed deadline was November 30, so this “whoops, missed it” thing seems to be a new monthly habit. First of all, how come the FDA gets to set its own deadlines, and does anyone think that’s a good idea? Does anyone mind if I make up my own self-imposed tax day deadline?

Secondly, BPA, an endocrine disruptor, has been linked to birth defects, breast and testicular cancer, obesity, sexual dysfunction, neural and behavioral problems, diabetes, heart disease, and more, and it’s in hundreds of the plastic products you use. And 93% of Americans harbor detectable levels of the chemical (so do 90% of newborns), so unless you are very, very special, you’ve got BPA coursing through your veins too.

We in America like healthy babies, and we like being able to have them. We like the idea of health, and getting rid of toxins, and we even like purity. We’re almost there with BPA – come on FDA! Here’s to 2010: year of the BPA ban.

Learn more: check out this comprehensive article from the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

            The FDA has banned bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles in sippy cups.             The FDA has not banned BPA for use in food containers.             Huh?             What […]

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