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NECC – Edubloggercon, Web 2.0 Smackdown, Chicks That Click

NECC ’09 and Edubloggercon ’09 are underway! We had a quick intro from Steve Hargadon, then broke into sessions. I stayed for Vicki Davis’Web 2.0 Smackdown. Here are the tools and resources that people showed:

  • Vicki Davis, demonstrated Diigo Lists.
  • John Costilla, demonstrated QR Codes.
  • Rushton Hurley, demonstrated FreshBrain.
  • Lisa Thumann, demonstrated Google Labs Similar Images Search.
  • Angela Maiers, demonstrated CompFightFlickrStorm. and
  • Kristin Hokanson, demonstrated CoverItLive.
  • Jane Krauss, demonstrated a “thinkspace” for those of us who help others with Web 2.0.
  • Adam Frey, demonstrated Wikispaces tags.
  • David Jakes, demonstrated and Issuu.
  • Scott McLeod, demonstrated Twoogle, Twitalzyer, Retweetist, and David Pogue’s article on typing expansion software (EVERYONE should be using this kind of software!).
  • Leigh Zeitz, demonstrated Woot!
  • Wes Fryer, demonstrated the K12 Online Conference and EdTechTalk.
  • Lee Kolbert, demonstrated Tag Galaxy.
  • Maria Droujkova, demonstrated TinEye.
  • Chris Chater, demonstrated Noteflight and JamStudio and the Opus09 Ning.
  • Jim Gates, demonstrated the WolframAlpha Firefox extension.
  • Chad Lehmann, demonstrated the iPhone app Bump.
  • Craig Nansen, demonstrated Tinypaste and Today’sMeet.
  • Kevin Honeycutt (via Skype from a train in Missouri), demonstrated his new Web 2.0 keychain and album.
  • I’m now in a small break-out discussion regarding the lack of female students’ interest in technology / computer science careers (and also science, math, etc.)!


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