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Libyan Rebels’ Last Stand

As Gaddafi hangs on to his military might, rebel forces have abandoned the town of Brega leaving open the road to Bengazi—the last major rebel outpost in the anti-Gaddafi east.

Are Libyan rebels’ hopes now lost without a swift intervention from Western powers—an intervention that now appears a bygone prospect? “With their hold on Brega, which had followed the capture of Ras Lanuf, the regime now controls two key oil ports, putting them in a position to shut down power to the rebel-held east of the country. The two towns are also key points on the coastal route, putting Gaddafi’s forces within three hours’ drive of Benghazi, with just one other town, Azdabia, on the way. Taking Brega will also bring with it an airport, allowing the military to bring in reinforcements.”


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