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Let The Eat Cake, Or Brine Shrimp: NYT Celebrates “Six-Figure” Home Aquariums

How are cutting-edge conspicuous consumers blowing their excess cash? Fantasy fish tanks, according to the New York Times. The Home and Garden section devoted hundreds of words to the “six-figure fish tank” trend. One super-custom tank cost $750,000, according to the article.

People who pay over $50,000 for a custom architectural fish tank reminiscent of their favorite night club or orthodontist aren’t going to clean their own bubblers. Some of them won’t even feed their own fish. Instead, they pay someone $150 a visit to come in every other day.

One guy, who’s probably paying at least a thousand dollars a month for tank maintenance, couldn’t even name the species of fish he owns.

Time to repeal the Bush tax cuts.

[Photo credit: flickr user bensonkua licensed under Creative Commons.]


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