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Guest Thinkers

Instant expert, in just seven steps

Walter Derzko of the Smart Economy blog explains that becoming an instant expert within any field is simply a matter of learning how to deal with the information overload, while at the same time, creating an “issues dashboard” that will enable you to understand the context behind the idea. Below, Walter lists seven steps for becoming an instant expert:

(1) Talk to other trailblazers;

(2) Create a mental map or mental model of the orthodox conventional view

of the world and the emerging mental map with the new embedded issue;

(3) Understand how the issue is changing or morphing;

(4) Use technology to track the new issue;

(5) Track not just issue supporters, but also naysayers and detractors;

(6) Ask key questions about the issue or topic in order to learn its consequences;

(7) Think about your thinking (i.e. meta-thinking)

For more on how to become an instant expert, Walter is offering a number of workshops called “The Search–Find–Explore Workshop; The Latest Tools for Advanced

Environmental Scanning, Managing Information Overload and Sense-making.”

[image: Trust Us, We’re Experts]


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