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Inside-Out Organic Freezer Jeans

Get a leg in these:  a Brazilian company called Tristar has introduced a new line of organic reversible cotton jeans which encourage water conservation in wearers. How? You don’t have to ‘wash’ them to get them ‘clean’. No time to hit the Laundromat before heading out for your Friday night? No problem. Throw your Tristar jeans in the freezer, and presto! The company says your pants will be bacteria-free in a mere 24 hours.

And don’t worry about non-bacterial stains or plain old dirt buildup, says Tristar owner Jandira Barone. That’s how all the cool kids are wearing their denim these days anyway: “Don’t consumers buy pants frayed, ripped, and stained? The concept is the same, only it will be a detail produced by the wearer.” Coffee stains? That’s just your own special way of saying you’re a sleep-deprived Treehugger with no time or patience for water-wasting laundry. It’s like an eco-friendly, hipster monogram, really.

The jeans are reversible, by the way, so that if you spill spaghetti sauce on one side at dinner, you can flip them right around and wear them the very next day. Two wears for the wash of one! If, that is, the idea of wearing spaghetti on your skin sounds better to you than does the idea of wearing it to the world.

I find the fact that Tristar’s jeans are made from organic cotton far more impressive than the fact that you can freezer-burn the bacteria off of them and stain-&-flip them. Cotton is one of the most environmentally detrimental and pesticide-thirsty crops in the world, drinking up 10% of pesticides worldwide, as well as 25% of insecticides. Does that sound like the fabric of your life?

If not, Tristar’s new line – or any other organic clothing line – may be for you. Even if you don’t have plans to swear off the laundromat.


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