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Huila expected to erupt soon

(Note: Yes, I am posting when I said I wouldn’t, but I felt I needed to post about Colombia).

Colombian authorities are evacuating the area around Nevada del Huila after increased seismicity suggests that the volcano will erupt soon. There have been over 700 earthquakes – many of which are clearly related to moving magma – over the last week or so, indicating that Huila might be entering a new period of eruption.

One thing to note: The article I’ve linked to mentions an avalanche at Huila that was related to an eruption in 1994. I can’t find any evidence that there was any volcanic activity at Huila in 1994 – in fact, the SI GVP mentions the last known eruption of Huila prior to this year was over 400 years ago. Not sure where this 1994 report of an eruption arises, possibly confusion with Galeras?


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