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How KVERT got its groove back (temporarily)

Russia returns temporary funding the KVERT – volcanic monitoring will continue in Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands (until April at least).

Shiveluch in Kamchatka in an undated photo.

Just a quick note, but I got this email overnight regarding the status of KVERT, the Kamchatka-Kuril Island volcano monitoring body in Russia.

Scientists of KVERT Project return to the full KVERT operations (the

information ensuring of air services for the results of daily analysis

and evaluation of activity of Kamchatka and Northern Kuriles

volcanoes) and will discharge these obligations for 01 February – 30

April 2010.

So, after losing their funding, it has some back until the end of April (based on how I read this). Russian politics as usual? A window to get real funding in place? Who knows, but at least for the time being, KVERT is up and running again.

{Hat tip to Eruptions reader Tsunami for also bringing this to my attention.}


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