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Haitian Earthquake Relief

Natural disasters only become humanitarian disasters if we don’t take action.

Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed by a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti – I mean, how much can someone sitting in their office thousands of miles away do? It isn’t really feasible for most people to pull up stakes and go to give first-hand assistance during the recovery – but you feel like you need to do something. The first step is just trying to offer whatever assistance you can in whatever limited way you can. Many of us might not have a lot of money to spare – but that is the key word, “spare”. That means “leftover”. That means you have money to begin with – so some sacrifice might build more “leftover” that can be used then be given to those who had next to nothing and have now seen even that disappear into a pile of rubble and dust.

If you can, please make a donation to help with the relief in Haiti. I recommend three organizations, mostly because I trust them and hopefully one will appeal to your personal belief system. Natural disasters like this earthquake are a fact of life, but the recovery is up to us as a society – we can either help people get back on their feet or let the disaster become humanitarian rather than natural.

  • The International Red Cross
  • Doctors without Borders
  • The Catholic Relief Fund

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    The more that we know how to leverage these social platforms to either donate our time or our energy or our money to either a natural disaster or even to a political revolution the more we can facilitate change.  

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